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Saturday, September 1, 2012

August Ends

                The last day of the month of August of 2012 has been a blast. While strutting along P.Burgos Street, Tarlac City, clattering around the passers-by and grooving with the wonderful climate of the mid-afternoon I found myself in the mood to just dawdle and appreciate the world behind its horror. Everybody knows what lies in P.Burgos, the Plaza, Municipal Hall, the road to F.Tanedo and finally the Cathedral Church. This Church has been history, back in the days when the Philippines was at war with the Spaniards and blah blah blah...The point is, this Church has helped me a lot with my anxieties, dilemmas or being stuck in a bad situation, like for the rest of the week in which I was really in a bad mood but the last day of August enlighten it all; I would have blogged why but then I will all have to kill you *just kidding*.
                Well, in short I went in to the Church to pray and saw this:

Cathedral Church at P.Burgos St. Tarlac City (orchestra presentation)

                It’s not every day that the Cathedral Church of Tarlac has an orchestra to play during a mass and neither any other churches. It just amazes me that I can see all these things in the right place and in the right timing (in which I came to visit the church that day). I was ecstatic, mesmerized and most of all thankful to have witnessed an orchestra for free! To see trumpets in action, French horns..horning! (I guess..), flutes whistling! And some others, I can’t really see them all not because I eyeglasses but because I am more focused on listening rather on seeing and I guess that’s my camera’s work.
                The end of August has taught me that being in a dreadful situation isn’t bad at all. You know why? Because it is another way for God to comfort us. Imagine a life without problems,  we people are so hypocrites that we wouldn’t need God at all because we have nothing to ask, well it’s human nature. Have a happy September readers! 

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