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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Their Taquitos, My Taquitos

            While taking a pleasant walk between sunset and dusk, my companion and I were lost with our little stories about our future. Today was a great day for us; we were both lucky for that day and thank God were both on the same mood. We haven’t got any idea where to go or where the fun is but as we walk at twilight we suddenly paused for a while and were delighted to be in front of the Kart City Banner. Off we go to Kart City.

Inside, we got no plans of drinking liquor or try out karting but we do have plans of treating ourselves with a mouth watering, satisfying, bright twinkling TAQUITOS! The Kart City’s Taquitos got me full thumbs up, except for the overflowing cheese which really emphasized the cheese as the main meat of the taquitos.

Kart City's Taquitos

Nevertheless, those delicious taquitos broke up with their plate, it then had a meaningful relationship with our stomach and came dancing with our peristalsis. The satisfaction and fulfilment with the cheese overloading taquitos gave me an idea of trying it on my kitchen.
Then here’s the result. The cheese sure did not destroy the flavours of the other ingredients and I would say that it is the best taquitos ever! Looking for proof? Try it out!

The flavor is better than the plating :D

Ground Pork
Red Onions
Sesame Oil


1. Sauté the ground pork with garlic and onions. If half cooked add salt and pepper to taste.
2. Add a little bit of chopped lettuce with the ground pork followed by 5 drops of sesame oil.
3. Continue sauté for 2 minutes then let it cool.
4. Chop the tomatoes and lettuce, slice the onions horizontally (make sure the length fits in to the taquitos) and grate the cheese, put into separate bowls
5. Line up the taquitos, put the sauté ground pork first into the taquitos, followed by onion, tomato, cheese, lettuce, then cheese. Onions must be few with each taquitos because of its strong flavour.
6. Estimate the amount of each ingredient to fit in the taquitos.
7. Make your plate presentation and you’re done!

My Taquitos

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  1. Ano pwedeng pamalit sa ground pork? di kasi ako kumakain nun eh

  2. tofu or chicken..cut mo nalang siya into tiny pieces..