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Monday, October 29, 2012

Jor Nguan Crackers for the Filipinos

Thai Crackers
            JOR NGUAN – Little Farm, this thing that looks like crackers is actually some rice crackers for Thailand. I dunno for you readers if you have ever encountered this kind of snack if you ever have gone to Thailand. But to give my review with these crackers I would say I give it TWO! Thumbs up!

Rice Crackers with Flossy Pork
               For the guys out there that seems to be confused with what it taste really like in picture (because it looks like a chicharon or wheat crackers or something) it does taste sweet at the first bite but as it goes to the process of mastication (chewing) it gives a bit of salty flavor with the consistency of chicharon and rice crackers. It does taste new with the Filipinos’ taste buds but it actually gives you a whole lot of new perspective with rice crackers.

Jor Nguan
                Moreover, it is a healthy snack, it may be described as rice crackers with flossy pork but I recommend this as an alternative snack for chicharon. It has the same consistency and whole lot of magic with the salt taste and a good partner with other meals!
               I have decided to partner that Jor nguan crackers with sotanghon. With each taste it produces in your mouth you can just simple say that there is a perfect balance with the sweet & salty crackers with the taste of sotanghon. I strongly recommend this one if you plan on going to Thailand. Happy eating! 

Sotanghon with Jor Nguan Crackers 


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